A question about the current Discipline’s “Historical Statement”

In some ways today is especially appropriate to ask a question about the current Discipline‘s “Historical Statement”. (In remembering Pearl Harbor, we also need to remember that the conflicts leading to the Second World War started before the United States entered the war.)

My question in this post is simple, but it requires a little background.

The General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) has on its website this page, which contains material “reprinted from an out-of-print book, A Brief History of The United Methodist Church, published in 1999″. The page states, “The text of the ‘Historical Statement’ is from The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, 2008, pages 9-20. Copyright © 1996 The United Methodist Publishing House. All rights reserved. Used by permission.”

I just noticed that the “Historical Statement” contained is not the Historical Statement from the 2008 Discipline. The difference I just noticed is understandable. The section “Developments and Changes Since 1968” in the 2008 Discipline contains an additional sentence after “A Spanish language hymnal, Mil Voces Para Celebrar, was published in 1996.” The additional sentence in the 2008 Discipline is, “A Korean language hymnal, Come, Let Us Worship: The Korean-English United Methodist Hymnal, was published in 2000.” This additional sentence obviously couldn’t have been included in the 1996 Discipline. It would have been describing a future event. I could raise questions based solely on this additional sentence, but I won’t because there’s a more basic question I want to ask.

The material at GBOD says that the Historical Statement from the Discipline was approved by the 1996 General Conference. It also says that the last major revision of the “Historical Statement” was approved in 1992.

My question is simple: where in the 1992 Journal and/or the 1996 Journal did the General Conference approve the “Historical Statement”? For convenience, I link to both journals below:

1992 ADCA: https://archive.org/details/journallouisville01unit

1992 DCA: https://archive.org/details/journallouisville02unit

1996 ADCA: https://archive.org/details/journaldenver01unit

1996 DCA: https://archive.org/details/journaldenver02unit

I can’t answer this question because I can’t find any place in either journal where the General Conference approved the revised Historical Statement. It is certainly possible that I can’t find this approval because I’ve been searching for the wrong term.

That’s the basic question. More background is “below the fold.”

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