A Tale of Two Bishops (Part 1)

In the past eighteen months or so I’ve developed a hobby of studying the actions of the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church. (As far as Internet hobbies go, there are arguably less fruitful ones.)

Last April, some of the fine print in Decision 1238 (April 2013) had me convinced that The United Methodist Church is heading for trouble. Only in the past two weeks have I learned about the November 15, 2013 statement from the Council of Bishops, and now I am certain trouble lies ahead.

On one level, that isn’t much of a prediction. On another level, I can’t predict the future. For example, I was convinced that the James Cameron movie about a disaster everybody knew about was going to be a box office disaster.

For myself, watching current events in The United Methodist Church is like watching a disaster movie. There’s nothing I can do about it, it’s dreadful to watch, and yet I can’t look away. Unlike a disaster movie, it’s happening in real life. I don’t know whether I should try to help and risk getting caught in the wreckage or work to free myself.

For now, before the next meeting of the Council of Bishops, I will say what I can.

In my next post, I briefly describe (for a general audience) the office of bishop within The United Methodist Church.



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