On hiatus

I’m making official what has been obvious: this blog is on hiatus.

I appreciate the responses from Bishop Dorff and Secretary Reist to the e-mail posted here. I also appreciate the responses from The United Methodist Publishing House and the General Commission on Archives and History to the letter posted here. I’d like to say that responding to difficult questions is important throughout The United Methodist Church. However, I cannot.

I am not currently at liberty to discuss publicly all of my complaints concerning the leadership of Broadway United Methodist Church in Chicago. I would like to discuss some of them: not in the interest of “sour grapes” but rather in the interest of growing. These complaints aren’t dramatic — some might even say boring — but they’re basic to the life of any community. One alluded to here concerns the lack of open meetings. Another complaint concerns keeping track of a small cardboard box. (Concerning the small cardboard box: the leadership from the District Superintendent and the Annual Conference Chancellor are also in question.)

I’m personally tired of religious leaders who think and act as if they’re beyond criticism. The Northern Illinois Annual Conference is not immune to such criticism.